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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saddling Up

Just waiting for the sun to go down before heading up to PHX for tomorrow's shoot. I-10 west is murder on the eyes before sundown and I'd rather load up the guns in the dark. Not that I'm worried about my neighbors knowing I have guns; it's just none of their business.

Doing the Heavy Metal thang in the 4th Sunday 3-Gun Practice Match tomorrow. BoG 1.2: Electric Bugaloo won't be ready for a while, so the not-BoG Afterthought Colt, his adopted twin brother, gets to ride in the holster. First Gun and Latest Gun round out the triad. I'll certainly try to take pictures, and if they actually used my latest batch of stage designs, you'll get those too! The 1st Sunday USPSA match is off the calendar due to the Holiday...just gotta try to find something else to occupy myself. Yard work, anybody?


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