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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Criminal Number 1

I was packing up my match gear last night when a brown blur zipped across the living room. I'd heard no commotion beforehand, but I checked the barrier and it was intact with Squiggy on the other side. After I tracked Lenny down, he immediately re-demonstrated his new talent. He leapt at the top of the barrier and muscled his way up with his paws, then rolled over the top of the plexiglas. And this right before an overnight trip. Into the cage he went. I let Squiggy have freedom of the room, but I erected the other barrier in the hallway; this one stands straight across the hall with heavy boxes anchoring diggable edges like the other one. Turns out I needed it. When I returned, I found Squiggy curled up inside a case of shotgun shells in the hallway closet. The cage for both of them tonight!

Update: I was merciful. After only one leaping attempt (met with a squirtgun attempt), the inmates became rather docile and chummy. I think the separation affected them somewhat; it was the only time they had ever been separated from each other.


  • At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What naughty little furballs! But still so very cute.
    Da Goddess


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