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Saturday, August 20, 2005

And I thought MY quirks were bad....

Check out Michele's at A Small Victory.

To propagate the viral meme, here are the ones I'm aware of:

I'm a lazy slob and a pack rat. I'm afraid of heights. I'm a nervous gagger; I can't go out in public on a full stomach and when eating in public, I sometimes get anxious enough to start gagging. Things guaranteed to get me making preparatory trips to the toilet or waste can: Dating, Public Speaking, Shooting Matches, Dentist trips. I avoid opened umbrellas unless I'm safely under them. I clam up when talking to women for fear of saying something stupid (except to Lisa the Biker Chick...I practice saying stupid things to her). I sometimes get nauseous looking at my own cooking. I collect movie DVDs but rarely watch them alone. I read too many blogs. I spend too much time at the computer. On road trips, I do not stop to ask for directions, nor do I check out tourist vistas, historical markers, or interesting restaurants. I will stop at chain restaurants and truckstops convenient to the interstate. I've never had a committed romantic relationship.

I hoard photographs, binary files, video tape, etc., and only a tiny percentage of these are pornographic. I've amassed a great quantity of fired brass, but haven't touched my reloading presses in ages. When seated in public, I prefer a seat that faces the door (ol' saloon habit), preferably, the whole room. For all my nausea issues, I've never been seasick or airsick. I did the ol' gag routine before every one of my training flights, however (but none of the others). I have an unhealthy appetite for rum and caffeine-free Diet Coke.

I know you're wondering how I could function in the Air Force for so long with these quirks. I was actually a podium instructor of note at Tech School and when teaching from a syllabus on subjects on which I was either expert or merely conversant, that was not public speaking. Being Master of Ceremonies at the class graduation sent me to the boys room every time. My dental anxiety took a while to manifest; I had a very bad episode at the dentist clinic once and on my next appointment a year later, the gag was there. The gag stopped the procedure, which reinforced itself in my mind. The last time I had fillings filled, I was under drugs for my wisdom teeth removal.

Pass it on.


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