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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More Stuff

If you're wondering why I do something so crude as carrying spare M1A magazines in my back pocket, it's because I'm not used to carrying spare mags on my body. My Bushie (not pictured here) has a Wilson Combat Redi-Mag mounted on it. This little sidecar holds a spare mag and drops it with a press of the rifle's mag release button. Just be sure to have a hand on the spare or it will drop to the ground with your empty one! This has not happened to me, but I've seen it happen! Mag changes are lightning fast with the Redi-Mag; I keep a Brown kydex mag holder in case I need a third magazine, but I rarely need it.

Brown makes really cool holsters and holders, but I'd already bought my Fobus stuff before discovering them. They're a Tucson company, so I know where to shop when my current plastic becomes unserviceable. The magazine shown on Brown's site is a 30-round Thermold AR-15 mag, with which I feed my Bushie exclusively. For my M1A, I've found no acceptable substitute for USGI-spec 20-round magazines. Jon found one British-made 30-rounder that works, but subsequent purchases of what he was assured was the same model turned out to be unsatisfactory.

I think there is a Pima Tactical 3-Gun match this weekend; too late to get a mag pouch from Buchanan, but I have a roll of duct tape in the truck! We'll see how that turns out.


  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger catfish said…

    Hey CB - you might also want to give Gregg Garrett at a call for mags/pouches/etc. Gregg's a straight up guy, a helluva shooter, and he stands behing his work all the way. Everything that I shoot idpa in or carry is his stuff and I can highly recommend it.


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