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Thursday, July 28, 2005

July 3-Gun Practice Match

Holy cow, there were only 10 shooters that showed up? I was too busy having fun to notice! I'd made some suggestions to the club kahunas about making the 3-Gun PMs more like real 3-Gun, but the only ones they enacted were the stages I'd submitted. Oh ,well, you can't expect big change when most of the league consists of pistol shooters only.

Instead of rigging up two 3-gun stages and two pistol stages, I designed two pistol-rifle stages and two pistol-shotgun stages. Those shooting pistol-only could do so, but certainly must have been cursing me for making things hard on them....

Like Stage 1! The Shooter started seated at A, engaged those targets with pistol, grounded the empty pistol on the table and grabbed the rifle, shot the next array through barrel B, then moved to box C, shot that array, including the steel prone targets farther downrange.

Stage 2 was Pistol-Rifle as well. The Rifle Box B required all shots to be fired under the stick. The club couldn't come up with any carpeting to facilitate prone shooting, so most folks shot from one knee.

Stage 3 - Pistol-Shotgun. The course of fire committee deleted the two slug targets on the B shotgun side and added more steel targets. I used Jon's Rem. 870 on this day and ran through pretty quickly.

Stage 4 - Pistol - Shotgun. This time, the shooter ran from A to B, finished off the last pistol target, grounded the empty pistol and engaged the B steel with shotgun. When the club builds some other grounding props (carpeted shelves are good), I can incorporate them into some more interesting stages.

Jon's Springfield Champion was very balky for the second half of the match (we shot 3 and 4 first). I think this dustdevil on Stage 1 had something to do with it. He shot the last stage with my Box o' Gun and gave it rave reviews!

BTW, Jon cleaned up on the the multi-gun scores and I managed to avoid last place out of three or four long-gunners. Now to see if any of this practice will help me at the Pima match.


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