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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Baseball All-Star Game Blogging v1.06

Wonder how many Detroiters wondered why the band was playing "My Country Tis of Thee?" Because everybody knows that American automaking populations are uneducated.

I'm rooting for the National League, as always.

Update: Of course, I'm rooting for the losing team! 0-3 after the 3d inning. Let's see how many more runners we can strand!

Update: 0-5 Amercian after the 4th! But nice Livan Hernandez pick-off move to get Ichiro to end the inning! Hopefully the Rocket can staunch the hemorrhaging next inning. Let's see some bats, Nats!

Update: Nothing from the Nats bats, but Roger the Rocket kicked ass. I hope they leave him in for another inning...although I'm looking forward to Dontrelle Willis.

Update: Sh*t! I talk up Dontrelle and he gives up a two-run homer and a walk! Too bat they can't let him bat....

Update: Andruw Jones cracks a two-run boomer in the 7th! At least it's not a shutout!

Update: The Nats pick up one run in the 8th! Don't ask me how! I was rivetted by the video I found at AFSister's My Side of the Puddle. It's a Finnish man's tribute to American armed forces. Took a while to download on my dial-up, but it was well worth it!

Update: Yea, Gonzo! RBI double! He scores! It's a two-run game!

But a ground out and strike-out end it!


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