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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Hat Tip to Sir John

There's a good reason why John at Castle Argghhh is commander of the Fighting Fusileers! A link from him is rarely unclicked. I mean, could you resist? For my rare readers who've never been to the Castle, go there and visit the Imperial Arsenal and while you're there, read the great articles by John and his Air Force Minion, Dusty, a retired Warthog driver. John's wife, She Who Will Be Obeyed (Beth), has her own site for those of you not so enamored of things that go boom and zoom. I'm sure most of you know all of this, but if I can just return a fraction of the traffic he's sent me, I'll feel better about not being able to drop something in his tip jar (which I don't think he even has...).


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