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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sunday Ferret Blogging

Lenny and Squiggy are much different from my first batch of ferrets. Their concept of water dish means "playpool" rather than "water supply." First-Batcher Coco would bite, but only after much licking around for a nice soft spot. These two have resisted training so their agitated war weasel state, they launch themselves at the offered hand, leg, side of beef. Squiggy has hung from my pantsleg with his teeth as I tried to retreat over the plexiglas wall. I know it's not just because they're males (my friend Jon has two males who are a lot more mellow).
Even their naptime arrangements are different. Although they've got several ferret beds around their room (washed since the first batch), the place they like to sleep best is under a shelf unit with no bedding. That's even where Lenny runs (no matter where he is in the room) when something spooks him. Squiggy is afraid of nothing. Thankfully, there are times when they are even cuddly, when Squiggy forgets to bite. But during their morning frenzy, when they're bouncing around so hard you can hear them gasping for air, that's not a good time to squeeze the weasels.



  • At 1:58 PM, Blogger Da Goddess said…

    You do realize how naughty "squeezing the weasel" sounds, don't you?


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