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Monday, September 01, 2008

August Pima 3-Gun

What a blast! I had fun even though the POF-Meister started pooping out on me. (I hope it's just dirty.) Pima reduced the match to three stages for this summer match, but also reduced match fees to a Fun Match instead of a Prize Match. I was just glad that the wash was passable and the match was on.

Golly, gee... Jon won the match! I couldn't even come close, though I had the 3rd best time on Stage 1. Who knew I'd ever kick ass on a shotgun stage to bring up my rifle scores? I suspect I was the only shooter to score both possible doubles to obviate a re-load. Jon's RO Jordan came in second.


On Stage 2, the POF-Meister was running great, but I was too busy planning a slick rifle-clearing to anticipate that I'd do so a target early. Will I post that embarassing video? Dunno.

Piter might have been tactically sound by not "crowding cover," but by not poking his muzzle through the itty-bitty ports, he failed to account for the height difference between his barrel and optics. Fortunately, he "got his hits," allbeit by some of bullets striking sideways. Should have had some no-shoots on that stage....


Stage 3 was a quick-and-dirty rifle-only stage that astounds me that I can finish 5th out of ten shooters after such malfunctions... I guess knowing when to quit helps! At the last ACTS match, I did such a good job standing and shooting the distant steel that I declined to seek a more stable sitting or prone position.


No animals were harmed in the production of this video.



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