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Monday, June 02, 2008

Naughty Flash

In the course of my research into flash games and dating simulators, I discovered Shark's Lagoon, a site run by a French 3-D artist and game designer. He's made some interesting games:

Sensual Experiment (left) is the story to two girls watching a movie together. One of them is more interested in the other girl than the movie.

Red Hot Sand (right) starts out with rubbing on a bit of suntan oil....

Of course, they're all NSFW. Here are some screen shots of others:

Shark has created some entertaining games, but the big draw to the site is the forum, which is pretty much dedicated to cartoon flesh, especially the 3-D variety. It was forum denizens (user Erana mostly) that formulated the add-on to Virtually Date Ariane... in fact, I've commented in the Ariane threads so often that I'm now classified as a Lagoon Predator. Rkshooter, a prolific French artist, features prominently in the site's Contributors section with his 20-part (so far) graphic adventure Milly (right).

The site and forum is bilingual; most of the discussion is in English (often by non-native speakers) but French can be seen here and there. A good place to waste your time when you've got the time to waste.

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