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Monday, November 26, 2007

Cactus Combat Shotgun Match

Lots of Fun. Lots of Sun. Lots of Bang-bang. Lots of Reloading. No Prizes. Cost: Fifty Bucks. But I'm not bitter. You know, Fool me once. Must have been premium imported clay pigeons we were shooting. Anyway....

Here's the monster stage we shot first. A hard-covered Texas Star, three slug targets, a plate rack, eight fish-in-a-barrel clay pigeons, and 10 other suspended clay birds to break.

Jon was probably not the only one to run out of ammo (VIDEO).

The next stage was two slugs each to the near three targets, a mandatory reload, then engage the far three. I tried to shoot fast from a standing position, but drilled a hostage. Jon (right) shot much faster but tagged two no-shoots.

The "Birthday Cake" was the torture test, especially for us old, out-of-shape folks... plus guys with pump guns. Two shots from each of the eight shooting positions before make-ups could be made; no more than two shots in a row from any position. Jon and I switched to full choke; Jon almost aced the Birthday Cake (VIDEO).

Here's Russ from Cavalry Arms on the fourth stage we shot. More awesome pics here. The stage was four shooting boxes, four arrays with four targets each. In the middle of each box was a penalty pigeon. Don't step on it!

For some reason, I suffered a severe brain-fart on this stage. Jon not only shot fast, he reloaded like a maniac (VIDEO).

Our last stage was another long one: 8clay + 6slugs + 8clay + 8clay. My camera had run out of memory by this time, so I hoarked another of Russ' pics.



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