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Saturday, October 03, 2015


Visited my friend Chris today, who happens to be a fine gunsmith.  I brought my problem 9-mm AR, new BCG, and a stripped lower with parts kit. Apparently the new bolt carrier group I tried this winter to fix my issues was not designed to be used with the 9-mm hammer!  That's why it was locking up... So all I have to do is drop that BCG in my 9 upper, and put the mag block in any AR lower, trade out the buffer, and VOILA!  Hope it works!

Since I asked Chris to substitute my extra 9-mm hammer for the regular AR hammer in the parts kit, I could conceivably have three 9-mm carbines someday.  One will definitely be a Short-Barreled Rifle, but my first priority is to get ONE working reliably.  The culprit seems to have been the ejector on my Colt mag block being bent a little.  A function test tomorrow will tell me if a little tug with pliers did the trick.

Update:   Ordered a butt stock, buffer, another Colt mag block, and another 9-mm upper so I can have a complete, nearly identical back-up gun for the Arizona Sub-Gun Match next weekend.  Yes, I know I could have bought a couple or three Hi-Point carbines for all that would cost, but I know and appreciate the AR's ergonomics, feel, and looks.

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