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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

What's Cookin?

Ya mean, besides our video "Blue" approaching 800 views?

Well, sadly, I certainly haven't been shooting guns, but I've made up for it by shooting footage for my "Star Trek: Away Team" due at the June First Friday Shorts, "Spartacus Schmartacus" due this Fall, and a short for Syndicated Evangelist called "Unf***er."

To assuage my frustration with learning the guitar (like teaching a pig poetry), I've been writing some songs, lyrics only, for Jo and Friends to craft into real music, some we can make some original music videos and maybe get more than 800 YouTube views!  Our next one will have a whole band behind it and will be much more upbeat than "Blue." That should fill up some of my copious spare time during this summer's road trip, when I'm not making Erin the Binker's next movie, or filling up my memory cards with mediocre photography.   

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