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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Toy

Tried Rio Salado's short-range rifle match this weekend. The pistol club leaves their stages up for the afternoon long-gunners. I think they added some targets by the back of the berms or moved some back, but it's usually a quick match, which is really nice as it starts heating up. They had a large turnout, so it wasn't quite so quick, but the dry breeze made the experience pleasant enough. The equipment divisions were Rimfire, Intermediate Centerfire, and Heavy Centerfire and there was representation from each competing in numbers. Jon took the Rimfire Division with his new toy, a super lightweight suppressed .22LR AR on a Cavalry Arms lower. Since I'm averaging only two matches a year now, I was happy to top the bottom third of the pack with my trusty Bushmaster Shorty.



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