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Sunday, October 20, 2013

AZ State Sub-Gun Match

This weekend I shot the muy fun ASSM hosted by the Rio Salado Sportsmen's Club Full Auto Division. I haven't gotten the Uzi tweeked yet, so I brought my semi-auto 9-AR, and competed in the Semi-Auto Division. Not that I could afford the copious ammo expenditure involved in competing in the FA Divisions (FA guns cannot be Selected to Semi), so I saved some bucks there.

I joined Jon and Big Bob on Squad 1 (somehow designated the Super Squad) and brought my DSLR instead of the usual FlipCam or iPhone to shoot video. I even went ahead separately in my own car since I had to leave straight from the range to get back to Tucson in time for the premiere of "The Reaper Strikes Back" at the Tucson Terrorfest Horror Film Festival that night.

I got some cool moonset pix for my troubles, but since the range is shaded by a great big mountain at sunrise, the sunrise was less spectacular.  I forgot to get pics of the sunlit mountains later, which will be a detriment to one of my photo assignments for class.

The match had a Clint Eastwood Movie theme and was a blast and a half to shoot!  I hope this match doesn't become too popular, since the Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun Match I've been blogging about over the years has been filled merely seconds into the on-line registration deadline today.  Wonder how many slots will be sold on eBay....

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