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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Gunnyness

This Memorial Day Weekend, my buddy Frank is coming down for some drinking, BSing, and computer war-gaming... and maybe a tour of the DM Boneyard.

Frank and I have been war-gaming since we were both instructors at the Goodfellow AFB School of Applied Cryptological Sciences, playing Panzer Strike, Typhoon of Steel, and Overrun! on his alien Apple IIGS. Our game experience gave us a little something-something on the podium; him more so, being a Marine and all. I think my Army compatriots were surprised enough that I could tell my FROGs, Towed's, and amphibians apart.

After his last visit, when we'd rolled the D&D polyhedral dice and come up with late-year PLO versus an unnamed Western army, we discovered some new game mechanics dealing with IEDs, suicide bombers, suicide tanker trucks, etc. Frank wasn't too happy when he discovered my next game featured a modern Islamist sub-cult against his beloved US Marine Corps. So this Memorial Day Weekend, we'll play our beloved Steel Panthers MBT and we will NOT endanger even the digital lives of our closest Allies. Time to remind Frank about some of the fun game vehicles like the EE-9 (pictured) while ignoring other stuff.

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