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Monday, August 08, 2011

No Speedy Gonzales

I was out getting this week's dosage of Vitamin D today and on the way back I was "stuck" in traffic behind a "Putstang" with Chihuahua plates (that's a state in Mexico, not a vanity plate for toy dog owners). By stuck, I mean that he was going the speed limit in the left lane, no matter how empty the highway was ahead of him. He finally let me by when he found a half mile of empty right lane.

I've noticed that Mexican drivers, when they can be identified as such, are very conscientious about observing the speed limit (while about half of all American drivers are not). I wonder if it's because they're conditioned to avoid contact with corrupt Mexican police officers? Or are they afraid of scrutiny from American law enforcement? It could be neither or both, but I can sympathize, having driven through Illinois once.



  • At 8:26 PM, Anonymous DWR577 said…

    I read something about this a couple of years ago. Can't find the article now.

    It boils down to a difference in culture.

    The article talked about people getting speeding tickets for one mile over.

    The people from the USA were pissed that they got a ticket for such a small infraction, but paid their ticket.

    The people of Hispanic origin didn't complain about getting caught, but bribed their way out of it.

    The difference in culture was that the USA Americans expected some "freedom" in law enforcement and honesty in court/government.

    The Mexican Americans were just the opposite. Strict enforcement of the laws but corruption in court/government.

    Wish I could find that article. It's lost on the web somewhere.

  • At 5:40 PM, Blogger Desert Cat said…

    On those occasions when I drove in Mexico (Rocky Point to be specific), I noticed a lot of Mexican drivers going faster than the limit. I drove the limit because I didn't want contact with said corrupt Mexican cops.


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