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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New to the Toybox

In case you were wondering what the lady was shooting in the video, it's the Umarex SA-177 BB pistol. It's a good GLOCK clone and the second one shipped (below) came without the orange tip common to AirSoft guns--probably because it's meant to fire steel BBs, not plastic ones. The upper version is AirSoft, and the orange tip does not hold paint well.

The slide stop works as it should, so shooting it sans magazine was required to make the slide cycle completely. Some day, I might figure out how to pin the stop down, but I was too scared to apply glue without knowing where it might get.

Besides ensuring an empty chamber and no magazine, we ensured the pistol wasn't aimed at anybody during the filming of the shooting scene. I can't guarantee the same is true of the YouTube video, since Dawn had never fired even a fake pistol before. I think that showed.

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