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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun With History

In my History 101 class, my study group and I get to do a PowerPoint/Video oral presentation on Spartacus: History vs. Hollywood. Besides jumping on the Hollywood aspect for the group, I volunteered to whip up the video portion, complete with official movie trailer hoarked from YouTube. I couldn't resist adding some extras; my partners and I agreed to give the presentation in Roman costumes. They hadn't gotten their costumes in time for the video, though.

Update: Video deleted. It was only up temporarily for hosting for class presentation. It's not the kind of thing I want hanging around as part of my s/fx demo reel. I DO own a tripod and a green screen and I now know how to chroma-key in AfterEffects and Final Cut. I used field expediencies in this video that reduced the amount of stuff I'd have to drag around to class and student meetings, but made the video quality suffer. I think we'll get an "A," though.

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