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Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Long Walk Home

So the story now is that ObL and several of the people greased by the SEALs were unarmed when they raided bin Laden's Pakistan compound. I wasn't there, so I can only guess what happened, but I'll put myself in the boots of the on-scene commander, as unqualified to do that as I am.
  • People are shooting at us
  • We just lost a helicopter and barely have enough room to extract our people
  • Sucks to be you, al Qaeda people!
What are you going to do? Tell a few SEALs to walk down the the road and turn themselves over to the Pakistani Military Academy so that Terrorist Scum #1 and his squeeze can take their seats on the chopper? I don't think so, Muchacho! Although it might have been fun to hang ObL by the ankles from a rappelling rope for a ride out to the carrier, weight, overloading, and fuel consumption are big considerations in long-distance helicopter flight. Whether the decision was made by the Mission Commander or the first SEAL to get his sights on ObL, I'm really okay with it. Good thing they had enough capacity to take his whole body along; I would have been okay with just his head, but imagine the stink that would cause with the Arab World.

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  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger Fits said…

    They had at least 2 backup chinooks staging a few miles away just in case. Choppers experience troubles all the time in that thin hot air and Seal 6 and their prisoners didn't have to share seats. Good analytical thinking on your part, though. If Osama wanted to fight he had all the time in the world to pick up one of the many AK's nearby but he and his wife sat in a corner of the room and waited for the door to bust open. She charged the Team and was shot in the calf. He wasn't so lucky. Double Taps are a bitch.

  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger KeesKennis said…

    The Prez (PBOH) must just say "We went, we saw, we killed"
    All within the law.
    Why lie?

  • At 8:54 PM, Blogger AlanDP said…

    Meh. I seem to recall that some of his cronies killed a bunch of unarmed people once, too.

  • At 4:23 PM, Blogger Serr8d said…

    Good riddance. I hope that old bastard had time to shit his pants before he was smoked.

    Kudos to that entire force! And, thanks! to BHO for having the courage to allow the mission.

    OBL got his just desserts IN SPITE of BHO, not BECAUSE BHO is the CinC. And from scuttlebutt, it's largely Panetta who pushed this one through.


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