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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Gun Fun

The September Cactus Match was a joy to shoot, despite the blazing high temperatures. At least it was sort of a dry heat.

Jon smoked the field with his Big Thumper, a Springfield M1A. The guy with the SCAR came in second. Fat and slow Cowboy Blob still managed to finish in the middle of the fusiliers, thanks to his crafting the stage descriptions to de-handicap Major Caliber Rifles. We suspect Chuck may have mis-assembled the gas system of his FAL; he shot the second stage with Jon's ammo and got the same single-shot malfunction. But why would the cases stick in the chamber like that?

We continued our parade of Remington 870s this month. I came in 3rd behind Jon and Ron (handicapped by the short mag tube), but would have placed 3rd amongst the Auto-gunners with my scores, so that's nice.

Here's the Shotgun Video.



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