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Monday, October 12, 2009

Pre-Productive Weekend

Doing Pre-Production.

Saturday, we had a movie casting call in addition to the two we conducted last weekend. This time we started at 2 pm (with a line formed up at the door!) and ran to 8 pm with a trickle of folks -- and a great big gulf of nothing in between. It was quite an experience to hang out with people who can call themselves "Film Makers" with a straight face. As the only crew there who didn't have "Director" in his job title somewhere, I operated the camera and tried to soak up some of the know-how.

I wasn't a total "fly on the wall;" I did point out to the Director that if the nurse is giving a sedating shot to someone in a strait-jacket, the needle wouldn't be poked into the inside of the elbow like an IV stick. I'm not a Doctor, but I know where a syringe can't find a vein through a strait-jacket!

Had a pretty good time, though some performances were painful to watch. I'm heartened that we've at least found one of our villains. Anybody know someone in Tucson who's big and can operate a chainsaw?

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