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Monday, October 05, 2009

Pima Tactical - October

Pima's 1st Sunday 3-Gun match is struggling for participants, all thanks to some selfish people who'd rather feed their families rather than their guns.

Seriously, only four of us showed up, so we just set up one stage and shot variations of it four times. It was great practice, because I could see and feel myself improving with each repetition. The Open Division gunner kept himself within scoring range with malfunctions under the clock, but the veteran LEO (all the rest of us were Tactical Scope) hammered the course with confidence. The gunner in the video above was set-up with gear most similar to mine and ran faster times... but penalties would have made it a close match between us if he hadn't had been DQ'd on the 4th stage.

My Rock River 9-mm AR conversion ran marginally well (two jams in five magsful), and I'm getting to like it so much, I might shoot it instead of the Hebrewm at Rio's Halloween Sub-Gun match.



  • At 12:54 PM, Blogger Desert Cat said…

    Ok, someone gone an' moved the cheese.

    How long has 3-gun been every 1st Sunday? Last time I was paying attention it was every fifth Sunday, which would have made this November 29 the next match. No wonder I was confused when you said this Sunday was a match.

    Can it be that more people are not showing up because more people aren't aware of the new schedule? I wonder how many will show up on Nov 29...


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