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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wanna Be a Video Star?

Instead of wandering around the NRA Convention floor looking for something interesting to video, why don't I wander around, looking for bloggers with something interesting to video? One disadvantage to being a videographer is that it's hard to ask questions with your face buried in the viewfinder. Plus, I've got a face made for radio.

Are you a Blogger covering the Phoenix NRA Convention/2nd Amendment Blog Bash in May?

Do you want a high-quality video record of your special interview or blogcast?

Would you like to be included in a compilation of celebrity and gunblogger interviews?

All it'll cost you is a small pack of DVD-Rs and a card with your name and address!

(Due to equipment limitations, I can record in HD, but can't find a Blu-Ray burner to make Hi-Def DVDs... so far. If you bring your own MiniDV or DVCAM tape, I'll send it back to you after capture and editing.)

I ask for a small pack of blank DVD-Rs because I might need more than one (I'm not perfect) and the extra disks ought to make up for what I'll spend on postage... and I don't particularly want to handle money. Individual segments will be exported as Quicktime files viewable on your computer DVD player, while the whole she-bang ought to be one self-executing DVD (I think). I'm still taking the Final Cut Pro class, but that's what the book says I can do.

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