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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Usery Pass Pistol League 3-Gun

I could've sworn I posted about this match. Maybe not.

Sunday, Jon and I competed in the 3-Gun Match hosted by the Usery Pass Pistol League at the Rio Salado Sportsmen's Club (site of the upcoming Superstition 3-Gun). Jon beat lots of Tactical Scope gunners with his unaccounted-for Heavy Metal configuration (Les Baer .45, Springfield M1A, and Remington 870), while I led the lower third amid a field of many semi-pros. Since this match merely existed to prepare for the Superstition Match, it showed that all comers were serious about their 3-Gunning.

As I have all year, I toted a Glock 19, POF-Master AR, and Benelli M-2. I think I'll do Heavy Metal next year, if only because I've got a year's worth of .308 and only a few months of .223 left. Man, if I could sell that stuff... I'd have extra cash but a poorer soul.

This might be the last match I cover in Standard Definition. Stay tuned for future match coverage in fabulous High Def!

Here's Jon burning up (mostly) four of the five stages:



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