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Monday, March 09, 2009

Mea Culpa

Lil Bro gave me a ration of crap about missing the weekly Caption Contest this week!  I was a busy boy!  Our school movie shoot got pushed to Saturday morning due to poor lighting conditions, so we shot it Saturday, then I rushed over to the Gun Show to be social (Lisa the Biker Chick and Piter were there).  After seeing all the wildly priced AKs and stuff, I just fulfilled my social obligations, bought an AR lower pin & spring kit, and went home to take a nap before the drive up to Phoenix.

Jon had some yummy beer and a 1973 Egypt-Israeli battle waiting for me.  I loaded up magazines during his turn.

Sunday morning we trucked over to the Rio Salado Sportsman's Club for a 3-Gun match put on by the Ussery Pass Pistol League... excellent practice for the Superstition!  I led the bottom third, but I was in the company of a lot more semi-pro shooters than normal.  Shotgun was my weakest discipline, but at least it was only ME slowing me down and not my wonderful Benito Benelli.  Jon acquitted himself well, especially since there was no Heavy Metal division provided for.  I think I only saw one other guy with an iron-sighted rifle!

We were pretty bushed afterwards, so I decided to stay another night at Jon's after crushing the Israeli Army underfoot and having a few more yummy beers.  I'd brought my Cinematography textbook along so I could study for the upcoming test.

As for our movie, that's headed for the developer's soup after which they'll transfer it to video and send it back so our Chief Editor Freddy (above) can work his magic.

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    Oh. A caption..

    "Freddy never did listen much in school.



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