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Sunday, March 22, 2009

March ACTS Match

Just when you think it'd be so hard to top Zombie-Wars 2009, our Esteemed but Evil Design TeamTM cooked up a match drawing upon events of the 1986 FBI Miami Shootout. Shooters were beset by many more handicaps than a normal ACTS Match, but that was part of its charm, and Teh Evil. Though the only rifle in the real event was one of the perp's Mini-14, we added some more rifle, because, hey, we're a rifle bunch o' guys! Though, we're by definition not a shotgun league, we added a a pump riotgun to mirror the heroic actions of Special Agent Edmundo Mireles, who dished out 5 rounds of buckshot completely one-handed!

(Click to enlarge)
Stage 1: "Platt's Rally" puts the shooter in the place of the bad guy who did most of the damage in the shootout.

Here's a vid of Kelly in the very southpaw-friendly stage. All shooting outside the car had to be done weak-shoulder and weak hand.

Stage Two was two stages in one. Inside the car, you were Special Agent Manauzzi, who lost control of his weapon inside the car. According to Wiki, he didn't get off a shot. That just wouldn't do. We had six in the gun (simulating his revolver), six in the belt, and six loose rounds in an ammo box.

The second string was SA Mireles gutsy one-handed stand with the shotgun, then a one-handed assault.


Looks hard, huh? I got 5-for-5 on the Texas Star, by the way. :)

"If Risner had a rifle" is a charge by the only unwounded agent in the battle.

I'm not sure whether this is a hypothetical charge or not, though the rifle part definitely is. This is in no way criticism of S.A. Risner's actions; I just don't see mention of it in Wikipedia. Perhaps if I pay close attention to the TV treatment....


Stage 4 simulated S.A. Grogan's loss of eyeglasses, except we used Fatal Vision "Beer Googles" (I Love You, MAN!) instead of merely a blurred medium. Believe me, these goggles could make you puke if you tilted your head often enough. That's just the kind of special services we provide!

For safety sake, the shooter was allowed NO MOVEMENT. Believe me, you didn't want to move! The googles totally destroyed my time with miss penalties because I couldn't get a cheek weld to use my scope, but I won't complain too much. My pistol hits were dead on, so don't mess with me, even if I'm drunk!




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