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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Friday Art Class

This week we have due a scientific drawing of a bug or a lizard... in Black & White (Micron pen). Well, CB doesn't do bugs. With a mind that our final project will be to take the same subject do something else with it (like anthropomorphize it into some kind of super-hero), I picked the most kick-ass lizard on the planet, the Komodo Dragon. Y'all remember the intro to Johnny Quest? Who needs dinosaurs?

I'm not settled on the super-hero conversion yet. I wonder if Lil Bro remembers when we used to catch lizards and stick them inside our model tanks so that their heads poked out of the hatches? That would be cool, but I don't think the school would think much of a big lizard in a Waffen SS Panzerfuhrer's uniform.

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  • At 12:07 AM, Blogger azlibertarian said…

    Point of order, sir. Point. Of. Order.

    Its Jonny Quest. No "h".

    Best damned TV show of my childhood. Or, best TV show of my damned childhood.

    Your choice.

    Nice artwork, btw. Personally I knew nothing of art until Dau#1ofAzlib studied as an artist.

    As a kid, I used to build my model airplanes with little firecrackers inside. They made for my own little special effects.


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