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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Owie! Bactine please!

I ruined my favorite pair of pants today.

Didn't get any video shot today since I was the primary Range Safety Officer for the new-guy squad (plus Jon, who shot his second ACTS match). I had a minor distraction on the third stage when I tried to do something athletic. I slid to my knees (but saved the gun!), then limped over the next firing position cussing up a storm. The bad knee was the one with a kneepad on it! Our fourth stage really sucked since I had to drop prone and engage the targets from inside a simulated bathroom stall. Jon was a real hero and shot it first, thereby sponging up all the icky restroom floor for the rest of us. Heh.

The gouge in my right knee continued to leak after washing and some iodine, so I hightailed it over to the local Urgent Care body shop and had a doctor look at it. She dug out some dirt and had the nurse irrigate it, before slapping some goop and a dressing/bandage on it. She suggested a regimen of ibuprofen for the pain, but I'm trying a few stiff rums and coke for it tonight.

Oh, the match. It was a LOT of fun, minus the pain and bleeding. There is something to be said for RSOing the new-guy squad... my scores looked pretty good in that light, even next to some of Jon's (who was absolutely blazing with his M1A). Just how depressing would it be to RSO the Agoge Squad (the Uber-Challenge-Me Fanatics) or the Pros from Dover (The CavArms Guys brought along one of the Local 3-Gun Superstars to give ACTS a try)? I'll hoark some pics and/or video if any shows up on the AZ forums.

Hey, scores are up already! HKFreak raaaawks! I scored right in the middle, which ain't so bad for an old fat wounded guy since we had the Pros and some US Marshals show up!

But I'm not begging for any sympathy....

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