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Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Art Class

My Ronald Reagan pencil drawing got an "A" but Patrick's drawing got displayed in the Student Gallery! Between our instructor Kate, Patrick, young Teddy, and myself, we have a blast in our Friday class. Yes, I'm one of the class comedians. While just about every student in Basic Rendering has way more talent than I do, I've gained the reputation of being a fast worker; while most of the kids were transferring their sketches to the illustration board today, I was putting paint down. Of course, Patrick jokes that I'm putting pressure on everybody else... wrecking the curve.

Kate's been very supportive of my work and tried to give my ego a boost with, "I'll bet you didn't know you were a painter!"

"I painted my porch once, ma'am."

I ought to finish "The Klingers" next week.

I don't even own a beret.



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