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Monday, June 16, 2008

Because You Suck -- Candy

From ColtCCO:
“But this is not just any gummi, this is HK gummi. Contained within this bag are about 12 pieces of little, red, “HK” gummis. I estimate these to be worth about $6500. Why so much? It’s all about the quality. Each 2 gram gummi is milled from a 4000 kilo block of gummi billet on a $7.5 million euro CNC machine made specifically for this purpose. Each is hand inspected, placed in its individual serving packet and stored in carbon fiber cases made for HK by the McLaren F1 team. A little known fact is that these packets were designed to fit in the buttstocks of HK416 and 417 rifles."
Read the whole thing!

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