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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Is the age when senility sets in. At least for me.

Yesterday, driving up to the Pima match, I zoned right past the exit to the short route to Catalina (goes right through central Tucson, but it's pretty fast on a weekend morning). Oh well, I'll continue on the Interstate.

The constant cycling/firing problems I had with the SOCOM-16 distracted me so much, I collected five procedurals for not shooting from the prone position. Just plain forgot. I still placed in the bottom of the middle third. Gotta stop the pre-match trash-talking with Jake (I think I scare him).

Senility aside, I had the second fastest raw time on a monster stage that included shots limited against 200-yard steel and two blind bays between which you had to reholster and jog. Got 101 seconds worth of penalties, though. Everybody agreed this was a cool-ass stage... let's try it again this winter!

After the match, I headed up to Phoenix on Oracle Road and zoned right past the turn-off for the road through Florence to Mesa. I realized this rather quickly, but decided I'm only young once not getting any younger and I wonder what Globe AZ looks like? Meh. Not much to look at, but the drive up there was made of Awesome! At least if you like looking at pretty rocks and the most scenic green-desert landscape in the World!

Once I got back to known territory (Mesa) I saw the Loop 202 exit thought, "Maybe they finished it!" As if. I used my 1st Level Phoenix Ranger skills to find the other end and continue to Jon's house.

Got another match today. I hope my brain's working better.

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