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Monday, March 31, 2008


DPMS Inc. repeated at this year's match sponsor, and I take my hat off to them for a great match. They offered up one of their LR-204s (a varminting AR in .204 Ruger) as the master door prize at the Brownells Shooter's Banquet Saturday night. I didn't win that or the Springfield XD 9-mm :(

I think a scoring glitch separated the Tac-Scope and Tac-Iron prize tables (click for bigger) this year.

There was no shortage of space-gunners competing in the Open division or thunderstick enthusiasts in Heavy Metal.

Here's my haul (Yes, I knew Babes with Bullets doesn't feature bikini-clad bimbos shooting sub-machine guns):

The Warne scope rings will go on BoG v2.51 and the rubber Hogue grips (my raffle prize from the Shooters' Banquet) will find a new home on my S&W Model 625.

The "Air Force Tactical" knife from Frost Cutlery will join my folding knife collection. I'll find a use for the other stuff somewhere, except the Grams follower (no link for them!). My $50 prize certificate from last year expires tomorrow... they've been out of stock of Glock and Para base pads all year and they haven't returned my Emails. They suck.



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