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Monday, March 31, 2008

2008 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun Match

Great match, folks! This year's match winner was... [drum roll here] Jerry Miculek! Mr. Miculek is famous for being one of the fastest pistol shooter's in the world; he must also be pretty decent with a rifle and shotgun to best some of the high-speed gunners I saw this weekend!

On the other end of the spectrum, I was tickled to place better than 10th from the bottom of Tactical-Scope Division, especially since my "scope" is little more than a piece of glass with an amber triangle superimposed on it. My next optics will have magnification! The old peepers aren't getting any younger.

My friend Jon was disappointed with a major brain fart Saturday, but he still finished in the top third of our division and came home with a Cavalry Arms stripped lower from the prize table! I got some knick-knacks (one of which may be incorporated into BoG v2.5's future re-design). I've got ideas for BoG3 already. No, this isn't it.

Monday update:

Wow! It's almost like journalism!
(No, that wasn't my search.)



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