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Monday, February 25, 2008

PHX R&GC 3-Gun Match

Sunday was the first of three "alternative" matches Jon and I are trying in order to spin up the skills before the Superstition 3-Gun. The PR&GC hosted four challenging stages for our enjoyment; I would be challenged a great deal more than I would enjoy.

The match used a free format for squadding (like Cactus does), but we dropped out of the big clump of shooters on the steel stage, because that was gonna take forever. We moved next door to an unoccupied pistol/rifle stage and moved smartly along. Unfortunately, since we were ROing each other, I didn't get any video. That's a shame, because you missed the chance to watch me do a violent stumble forward where I trashed my elbow, skinned my knee, and quite possibly broke my left hand. I saved the rifle, though, and finished the match a hurtin' puppy. I'm typing this one-handed; got it all aced up and iced down occasionally. No major swelling yet, so it could be just a bad strain. I'll get a doc to look at it tomorrow if I don't feel improvement.

Anyway, about that first stage... Match Director Gary, a shootin' buddy of ours from waay back, had a major jones for pistol accuracy. We twice engaged an array of tiny, resetting pistol steel silhouettes, then transitioned to carbine for a run & gun. That's when I did run & crunch & gun. Finished 7th of eight Tac/Scopers.

Our #2 stage was shotgun only; 24 stationary clay pigeons spread out over a coupla acres of desert wash, bushes, and field. Two slug targets beckoned at the far end. Out of eight shooters in my class, I finished ahead of two others despite my handicap.

Our #3 stage was two Texas Stars and two plate racks (22 total targets) with one string pistol only, another string shotgun only. Since I couldn't draw a pistol mag and slap it home without screaming in agony, I laid my reload on the table and banged the mag bottom on the table to seat it. Good thing I didn't have to pump the Benelli. Finished 5th in my class.

Our last stage was four resetting steel at 100 yards and eight steel gongs at 200 yards... just the thing to prepare for the Superstition! Uh oh... we gotta shoot them all once from two separate locations? Ouch! That hurt! I had a very sloppy weld from prone and discovered my EOTech was off a skosh at 200; I also took a miss on my very last shot because accessing and painfully seating my third mag wasn't worth the trouble. Yeah I had lotsa misses, but I still finished 5th in my class.

I shot this match with BoG2, my gas-piston AR, which I left in Glendale so my gunsmith can install the muzzle brake for me (again). Jon crushed the Tac/Scope division and even beat the top Open gunner on the long-range steel. I finished 6th well behind the veteran lady gunner trying 3-Gun for her first time. My next matches will be done with the Bushy, which I'm using in the big match.

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