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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not a Wasted Weekend

The Phoenicians and Glendalites are building arks and limiting their pets to two each... the Cactus 3-Gun Fun Match today was "washed out" by heavy rains that didn't let up all day. No biggie, Jon and I amused ourselves on the computer with more Steel Panthers MBT. We played past midnight last night, a rather unsatisfying (randomly determined) mission defending modern Sweden from the assaulting Peruvians. The snow and their cheap-ass Chi-Com tanks bogged down their attack in the face of Jon's two lone tanks and my well-supplied missile teams. At least the beer was top-notch!

Jon didn't bother to wake me at the normal time (it rained all night), but I dreamt he woke me a half dozen times. I'm weird like that. Must have been that one apricot beer I tried.

Today's desert Meeting Engagement between our 1992 Bundeswehr forces versus the computer's Egyptian Army was spiced up by Jon's decision to paradrop half his forces behind Egyptian lines. We had three tanks between us and they never saw much action; my three M109 SPARTY guns serviced scads of vehicles found by the paratroops with top-attacking cluster munitions. Our success drove the program into a temper tantrum: a suddenly unsuppressed infantry unit waxed Jon's Leopard 1A4 with an RPG and two platoons of Egyptian tanks appeared from the map edge to reinforce, much to the panic of Jon's paratroops. Well, Airborne held and we killed those too.

The drive back was scary-rainy until I hit Casa Grande, where the rain let up until I got drizzles again north of Tucson, which didn't get soaked nearly as much as the so-called Valley of the Sun.

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  • At 1:08 AM, Blogger Desert Cat said…

    The wind was nuts driving up to Oracle from San Manuel. Between the wind and rain and dark, I was driving nearly blind. It wasn't so much in Tucson as you noted, but this morning the Rillito at La Canada was within a foot of being a bank to bank muddy torrent.

    That's the thing our hydrologists love to see. More recharge for our wells along the river.


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