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Monday, December 10, 2007

Virtually Date Ariane

Now that I've got a post that gets at least as many hits as Jon's KelTec review post, I better do something to justify the interest. This is not a walk-through of the game, but some advice to keep you from failing miserably.

  • No hard liquor at home!
  • No more than two glasses of wine before dinner, no more than two with or after dinner.
  • No more than two martinis at the club; club soda for you, Mr. Designated Driver!
  • If you're staying at home, make sure you look at the stars. The only tough one is Triangulus, which is right under your cursor.
  • If you're taking her downtown for dinner, skip the wine altogether except one with dinner (while this won't eliminate failure, you'll get to experience more).
  • Skip the Spin-the-bottle and Rock-paper-scissor unless you want a new challenge.
  • Skip the amusement park and boat ride (okay, try them once just to see the pictures).
  • Be a gentleman, at least until she starts being naughty.
  • When coaching the strip-tease, avoid repeating moves until you've used the others.

There are still some things in the game at which to fail, but these lead to interesting pics and self-evident lessons. If you're really stuck, keep G00gling for a real walk-through, or Email me for help.

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  • At 10:42 AM, Blogger Ty said…

    How come her stomach looks all bloated in that pic?


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