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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Arrrrrrmy, Training, Siiiiiiirr!

I'm glad Lil Bro's phone doesn't take motion pics!

After I trimmed around the trees and stuff with the push mower, stopped for a slug of cold water and a moment in front of Mom's fan, I gave Lil Bro a break from the riding mower. La Hacienda Del Madre has lawn out the yin-yang and my younger sibling busts his hump every other weekend keeping Mom and the Township Yard Nazis happy. Last year, he replaced the Ford yard tractor with this little baby. Note the lack of a steering wheel....

"It's like driving a tank!" he says. Got lots more respect for Treadheads like Mostly Cajun now.... I got a large swath of yard and field done (zig-zaggy lines and all) when I got called in for a phone call. Hmmm. It's Lisa the Biker Chick...oh, no! Are the ferrets okay? Heh...she just checked my mailbox and found a letter from my own Neighborhood Yard Nazis...I've got weeds in my front yard! Yup...and they'll get worse in the monsoons before I get back.



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