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Sunday, July 15, 2007

July ACTS Match

Match Director Scott scheduled the four-stage ACTS Classifier Match for July so we could run and gun before the sun killed the fun. Unfortunately, a scheduling SNAFU had us waiting until past noon to use the public range to set up and fire the long-ass Stage 3.

Another fun-killer was sending two shooters to the Dairy Queen for "breaking the 180." Two stages featured a run to the left, which forced right-handers to contort their carry hold to keep from sweeping the spectators. Both DQs came from my squad. Dammit.

I think I shot pretty decently. Don't know yet if I beat my perennial nemesis Russell, but I know I squeaked ahead of squadmate Aaron -- which I should have done since I've got optics (however basic) on my gat. Does that mean I have nemesi? Didn't go overboard with the video, so all you get is one clip. It was stinky hot out there, so I didn't want to impose too much.

Thanks to Agent Scully for the prayers. :)

Too bad they didn't help.



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