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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dispatches (Cont'd again)

Continued from Dispatches (Cont'd)

Jon: Moamar surveyed the battlefield and decided he had damaged the refinery enough to satisfy his Al Qaeda overlords. Besides, there were more Saudi dead than his outnumbered tribesman could loot. Not that that greedy fool Haktoub seem to understand, Moamar noted as he watched him pry the teeth from a Saudi corpse. Apparently his mother never recounted the fable of the monkey and the date jar to him. If it wasn't for that toothless idiot's skill with a rifle, Haktoub would have joined the Martyr's Initial Assault Brigade long ago. Moamar turned to his driver and ordered him to proceed to the fuel pumps so he could top off Lion's Roar's tanks. The chieftain felt he had driven the Saudis back enough that he could safely refuel his vehicles before the Saudi heavy armor units arrived that were surely on the way. Moamar smiled and looked at the head mounted upon the turret of Lion's Roar, anointing it with fresh blood. The Saudi prince would not be happy to see his cousin so "honored." Maybe he would rashly send units into Yemen in order to punish the tribesmen. Moamar certainly hoped so, and turned his thoughts back to the current battle. Yes, it definately was winding down.

Carl: Sgt. Akheeb Assan couragously led his infantry squad to retake the administration offices in the northern complex. Their victory was short-lived, as they were driven back by a hailstorm of large-calibre weapon fire from several BMPs and other vehicles. There was other good news this day, as a sniper reported bringing the enemy's headquarters under fire, and killing at least one person on that team. How much longer could they hold though...???

Jon: Moamar scanned the horizon for approaching Saudi armor as Abdulla the driver broke the lock on the fuel pumps. Abdulla turned to say something to Moamar, but before he could speak, a shot rang out and cut off whatever Abdulla had to say forever. Moamar ducked just in time behind his armored hatch as a tremendous volume of fire erupted from the recently cleared administration buildings across the street. Hakeem, ever ready in the turret immediately opened fire upon the Saudis with BMP's 30mm cannon. The shells, designed to pierce light armor, had no problem dealing with flesh and blood. The remaining Yemeni BRDM-2s that were waiting to refuel also came to the aid of their chieftain, adding their heavy machine guns to the carnage. Some of the Yemeni drivers were so caught up in the firefight that they rammed their BRDM-2s into the walls of the buildings shielding the Saudis. As bullets spanged off Lion's Roar's hull, Moamar came out of his commander's hatch and stood upon the turret, holding the head of the Saudi Prince's cousin high to spur on his men. The ferocious attack drove the Saudis back once again. Trucks and light infantry were no match for armor, heavy machineguns, and cannons. Elsewhere on the fringes, a wretched figure plundered the Saudi dead, furtively watching the progress of the battle.

(Yeah, this one's over.) Graphic repurposed from Jody Harmon.Com



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