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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

That's MISTER Ruger to You!

CB: Dang, Homie, You crushed EVERYBODY on the rifle-only stage! (Jon scored 8.08! Nearest were carbine winners Space-gunner Phil (14.12) and Big Brother Chuck (15.28)

Jon: Thanks. What I feel good about is I didn't end up last even though I shot Mr. Ruger. ( I call him "Mr." now as a sign of respect since using him in the match.)


BTW: I would have shot better except that on the rifle-only targets, I was unconsciously holding a high point-of-aim on the distant targets. On the other rifle stage, I used that table as a rest, but should have wedged my hand under the foregrip...the rifle was so low that I missed several prone-steel targets because my muzzle was in the carpeting. I've really got to break my habit of shooting the props!



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