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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bob the Rifleman

Here's a pic of Bob in his element, trying out his latest acquisition. He's more at home in re-enactment gear or busting caps with a zumzing-gewehr whose ammo price is scary just to think about. He's relatively new to the competitive practical shooting scene and is just now starting to "lean forward" in the gun game.

Was kinda interesting to see someone cleaning the innards of an AR-15 who hadn't learned it by the numbers from Uncle Sam. The AR used to be Jon's. Bob's future 3-Gun kit ought to be interesting when he gets it together...he's got a hankering for a Norinco Trench Gun repro and a twin to Jon's Glock 34. That'll turn some heads!

Here's Bob's match video, minus the long-range rifle which I neglected to record. Hindsight sez I shoulda captured a fine journeyman performance of 100-yard musketry. He'll be kicking MY butt after a coupla matches.



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