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Friday, March 30, 2007


The day started off well. Make good time through traffic, signed in at Rio Salado, and toured the stages as the range staff were shooting it. Looks like a lot of FUN! Some scary "separator" scenarios bound to make ya pay severely for a hiccup in yer giddyap.

Jaunted back to Jon's, grabbed some guns and got in some practice at Ben Avery. Ugh. Found what may be some mag problems with the SOCOM, but it could have just been dirt. Saved some rounds for Bob and his son who both enjoyed the lil thumper.

Then, the suck started. I brought out BoG2 and prepared to dirty it up some (and sight in the iron and optics) and discovered to my dismay that I'd bought a very expensive sorta-bolt-action rifle! It went semi-auto about three times, so I know it's not a replay of the SKS gas problem. I'll try to corner one of the POF-USA guys at the match this weekend. Jon's doing a good job at calming me down, especially regarding changing the spelling of POF. After dinner, we went back to Ben Avery for the Thursday Night Match, but a big wind and some rain blew over part of the stages and everybody bailed. Wasn't I just talking about how the weather was so unseasonably sucky at the match last year? Didn't the weatherman say this weekend was going to be beyooootiful?

At least we got some practice under the clock.


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