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Sunday, December 03, 2006

All Wound Up

And no place to shoot. It's a sad feeling to download half a dozen P-16 magazines into a recycled peanut butter jar. Kinda throws a hitch into my plans to bring the P-14 out next year...what, with all this yummy .40 ammo out of the box waiting for a sunny Arizona day of shooting.

The three mags of .223 I won't download...heck, I'll take the Bushy on my roadtrip East with me. I only need to avoid New Joisey...I can do that with one brain tied behind my back. I might actually do some shooting while I'm home (I'm handing my BDM on to my B-i-L, Binker-Dad, this Xmas)...if it's not too freakin' freezing!


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