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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

They're Still Jammin!

This I didn't brothers in the Electric Herk are still killin' 'em with electrons!

h/t to Lil Bro, who reads Air Force News more often than I do [hangs head in shame]

Compass Call continues to "Jam" enemy

by Capt. Vince King Jr.
455th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

11/1/2006 - BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan (AFPN) -- In two years, aircrews in the 41st Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron have flown 5,000 combat hours in support of the war on terrorism.

The squadron has flown more than 940 sorties supporting ground troops here.

This milestone reflects the longest deployment in the squadron's history, said Tech. Sgt. Brandon Bennett, 41st EECS flight engineer.

The EC-130H Compass Call, a modified version of the C-130 Hercules, provides electronic warfare protection to ground troops. The aircraft and its crew respectively employ offensive counter-information and electronic attack capabilities in support of U.S. and coalition tactical air, surface, and special operations forces.

"It [also] reflects the sustained commitment to bring the terrorists to justice," said Capt. Clay Small, EC-130H weapons officer.

Essentially, the aircraft provides an electronic shield around ground forces. The system prevents the enemy from using many of their technological assets, which could potentially cause harm to ground forces.

Read the rest here.


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