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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Give Thanks

Thanks for the American men and women serving in the Armed Forces around the world.

Thanks for American and Allied contractors who serve them, so that American warriors don't have to peel potatoes unless they really want to.

Thanks for the folks on the Home Front, who give unconditional love to our troops.

Thanks for a President who does what's right, not whatever will win the most votes on Election Day.

Thanks for friends...of the nation-sort and the personal kind, who stick by in thick and thin.

Thanks for family, the wind beneath our wings.

Thanks for our land, the source of great bounty.

Thanks for our system of government, a gift from our far-sighted forefathers.

Thanks for Misters Colt, Browning, Garand, Glock, and Stoner, whose genius gave us the tools to protect our freedom.

Thanks for the Arsenal of Democracy, the World's Breadbasket, and the Good Samaritan.

Thanks for Silicon Valley, Wall Street, The American Farmer, The American Trucker, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and even Hollywood.

Thanks for visiting, y'all.


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