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Friday, October 27, 2006

Ferreting Out the Good Stuff

Prairie Biker Archer scored a nice buck! Go congratulate him!

Indians had iPods! at Attic Downstairs

Second Blogiversary goodness at Baboon Pirates

Familiarity Breeds Competence at Cerebral Misfire. I compromise on this by picking one pistol and competing with it all year, then rotating to another the next year.

ACLU on the Side of Good by Heartless Libertarian. Yeah, that made me curious, too!

Gobs of Gunly Goodness at Michael Bane's Blog...scroll around!

Baretta Law by Jerry the Geek. Something to think about.

Firehand's got a Webley!

The latest Flight of Fantasy by Jay.Mac *Hubba-hubba*

Leatherneck M31's review of Flags of Our Fathers

Buck Henry look-a-like MrCompletely thinks I look like Gabby Hayes. It sucks getting old. In Basic Training, my nickname was Burt, because of a supposed resemblance to Mr. Reynolds. A guy named Hillary once called me BURT, but that was short for "Big Ugly Round Thing." Since then, I've also been compared to G. Gordon Liddy (no beard) and Hank Williams Jr.

Know Your Place by James Rummel. Too true.

Why vote Republican? THAT'S WHY! at the KisPers

LawDog has great seasonal Uses for Chem Lights

Neanderpundit's excellent Learning to Shoot, II, III, and IV

Wyatt Earp recalls The Streetfight at the OK Corral

Much good stuff at Varifrank. Surf around!

Is Tam's snarky sense of humor offending your delicate sensibilities, interfering with your perusal of her fine historical firearms articles? Try The Arm's's Snark-Free!

Risawn's Friday Ferrets!

Caption Contests!
GOP & the City (Second Place last week!)
Gone Rick Motel
The Right Place
The Daily Brief
Bullwinkle Blog
Venomous Kate
Bravo Zulu's blog is hosed...I wonder if he knows?
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  • At 3:14 PM, Blogger prairie biker said…

    I don't know about nice. He's kinda smallish. But that just means he'll be extra tasty!

    Thanks for the link love.

  • At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    With your beard extra long and hair disheveled you looked like someone that got yanked out of his spider hole.


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