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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Got the Slackest Ferrets

There's been a cricket singing away in the ferret room for the past two nights. Somebody must be so full of yoghurt-covered raisins that they can't be assed to hunt down the little chirper. The Ghost of Coco rolls her eyes, squints, then bites me inside the elbow for raising such pussified weasels. Crickets were favorite fun food for my first two jills, but Coco was the hunter of the pair.

This is not the day for my arachnophobic readers.

The other cricket/grasshopper hunter in my household was not the spider was my housemate, Jon. He would go outside and hunt down a critter to toss into the spiderweb on the guest bathroom windowsill...then watch the eight-legged freak go to work wrapping up that week's dinner. I guess that was to make up for the times he'd just tap the web to watch the spider come out. Since Jon moved out, the spider wandered off to more lucrative hunting grounds.

I don't know how long the cricket will last in their room, but it's certainly no recommendation for releasing the carpet sharks into the house general to hunt down a little noisemaker in my own spaces. Coco could have done it.


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