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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tech Geek Bleg

Yaaaaaaaaaaaargggh! My Dell desktop machine took a dive this morning and I'm having trouble bringing it back. I'm blogging from my laptop right now. The Dell was running verrrrry slowly this morning, so I restarted it, hoping to clear it up. The reboot was interrupted with a message saying I have a bad boot.ini and that my \windows\system32\HAL.dll was missing or corrupt and that I should install a new copy. Well, I overwrote it from a partial windows installation I made from the factory disk...and still no change. Same error.

I'm loathe to reinstall XP because I'm afraid of losing all my documents...any bright ideas out there in blogland?


  • At 7:34 PM, Blogger rachel said…

    Do you have a spare hard drive? Could you load XP on that and then set the original one up as a slave and grab your documents?

    Another option would be to get a USB external drive holder, put it in there, hook it up to the laptop and grab your docs.

    I'd focus on getting the files before trying anymore repairs. Sometimes the fixes can be messy.


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