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Monday, July 31, 2006

Hot Lynx

If you haven't been following John Donovan's progress in bringing home the ex-USS John Rogers from Mexico, check it out.

The Trainer went to the range this weekend!

MrCompletely overcomes a brainfart shootin' pins.

"Stop the Sensitivity" and "Hezbollah Love Children - Dead Ones" at Blackfive

Air Force Generals SLASHED!

Oh, the Humanity! Human Rights Violations in America!

Smash talks to Code we don't have to.

Jerry the Geek filmed the 2006 USPSA Multigun National Championship. After I win the lottery and buy an RV....

Yellow journalist puts words in cop's mouth. No surprise.

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical Rodger is back from vacation and posting up a storm.

Blogger pumps on the ground in Israel. Hat tip to Vinnie.

DaGoddess rubbed elbows with Heroes this weekend.

The Desert Cat made a rare sighting in Tucson this weekend...a river!

Hell in a Handbasket: The USAF is the Master at mid-air refueling. Now they're patenting a mid-air rearming system...Cool! Also, Assault rifles of the IDF.

Heh. Ike Turner on the Shehag.

Lawdog on Qana: The Israelis may be sneaking up to take a look into the Abyss, but Hezbollah got there first, took a long look, liked what they saw, and took up residence.

To be continued....


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